Where can i make the most money as an esthetician?

Lashes Lashes Lashes (this is a great source of money if done right. Spa facials (some people find that they have a healing touch and spa facials are the perfect place for them). In addition to selling your services, one tip on how to make good money as a beautician is to also sell retail products. It's one of our favorite beautician marketing ideas if you get some kind of commission for selling certain products.

Did your client love their facial service? Perfect! This is your chance to sell them that oil they loved or the scrub they couldn't stop talking about. The same goes for everything from nail polish to makeup. Consider retail products as your secret weapon as a skincare specialist. You need to spend money to make money.

However, if your main focus is Brazilian hair removal or acne skin care, don't waste money on eyelash or eyebrow extension classes. Take classes that will take you along the path you are on. Don't immediately jump to product lines that have high minimum purchases. Try different lines by testing and buying depending on the type of skin and the clientele you want to focus on.

Lines that offer free or discounted continuing education are a big plus. The key is to offer a service that has a high perceived value, such as hydrofacial or microcurrent. A treatment that is best administered as a series or package, allowing for residual income.